Start with Yes by Jim Johnson


A few weeks ago, my CEO (Don Cates) made a great comment in our Senior Leader Team meeting.  We were talking about creating better member (customer) experiences.  “We need to start with ‘YES’ more.”

Start with YES.

That’s great statement, isn’t it?  How often do we face circumstances where we start with something other than yes?

I should ask for the business, but I’m sure they’ll tell me “no” so I’ll just keep quiet.

This employee could do more/be more, but I’m sure they’ll just shut me down if I tell them that.  Oh, well…

My son is so discouraged about his game last night.  I should encourage him for the next game.  One game doesn’t make a season.

I found this free course that might do me some good, but it probably won’t get me down to road to promotion anyway.  What difference does it make?

What if you started with a YES?  What if you changed your perspective, and you started from a more positive frame of mind?

* You ask for the business and got it! You start a great conversation that leads to a deeper relationship with your customer.

* You speak honestly and directly with that employee.  No one has ever been this honest with them.  It opens their eyes to their potential. They are more positive, and they are producing more.

* Your son is encouraged by your words.  You even get him to smile.  He opens up about where he is struggling in his sport.  Together, you work out some personal practice times that will help him become more fine tuned.  He begins to feel motivated again.

* You sign up for that course.  You begin reading a book that inspires you and gives you some great ideas you put into practice.  You take ownership in your personal development. Your leadership peers take notice and ask you where you came up with those ideas.  You have better conversations with your supervisor about your performance and future. 

Either scenario above can play out in your life.  What causes one scenario to happen over the other?


You can choose today to focus on the negative aspects of life.  You can go into the office today assuming your staff won’t listen to you, your boss hates you, and that you are doomed to the basement cubicle. 

Or you can choose to change.  You can smile more.  You can laugh.  You can begin having better coaching sessions where you listen, ask, and challenge.  You can perform your way out of your funk.  you can realize that YOU are in charge of your future. 

You can start with YES. 

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