What if I Succeeded? by Jim Johnson

Today is Monday.  What is your mind set on? Fear? Stress?  Worry?

Success?  What if you changed your mind set?  Instead of the worse possible scenario playing out, what if…

▪ What if your coaching session today with that challenging employee helped turn them around? 

▪ What if you uncover a resolution for that frustrating project?

▪ What if your efforts to build that relationship with a customer pays off today and more business than you imagined comes your way?

▪ What if you get a phone call that changes your life all due to how you’ve stretched and built your network?

Work hard and intentionally today. Success becomes less and less of a surprise.


2 thoughts on “What if I Succeeded? by Jim Johnson

  1. I needed this today, Jim! Thank you for providing some perspective on a Monday morning – the toughest day of the week to get back into!

    Make it a great day!

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