6 WAYS TO SUCCEED AS A LEADER by Center for Creative Leadership

Sharpen These 6 Skills and Set Yourself Apart


Want to stand out as a leader? Excel at skills where there is a strong need and weak capacity.

CCL recently analyzed data from 2,339 managers in 24 organizations in 3 countries to understand the leadership gap—the skills that organizations need but their leaders don’t have. Six key gaps were found:

Inspiring commitment. Managers who recognize and reward employees’ achievements are able to inspire commitment from their subordinates. These managers publicly praise others for their performance, understand what motivates other people to perform at their best and provide tangible rewards for significant organizational achievements.

Leading employees. Leaders who have good skills in directing and motivating people know how to interact with staff in ways that motivate them. They delegate to employees effectively, broaden employee opportunities, act with fairness toward direct reports and hire talented people for their teams.

Strategic planning. This skill involves translating vision into realistic business strategies. Managers who are highly competent in this area typically articulate long-term objectives and strategies, develop plans that balance long-term goals with immediate needs, update plans to reflect changing circumstances and develop plans that contain contingencies for future changes.

Change management.

Read the rest here:  http://insights.ccl.org/articles/leading-effectively-articles/6-ways-to-succeed-as-a-leader/

Learn more…

Read a breakdown of leaders’ strengths compared with the capacity needed to be successful over the next 5 years in a new CCL white paper, The Leadership Gap: What You Need and Still Don’t Have When It Comes to Leadership Talent. 

Click here to read this:  http://insights.ccl.org/articles/white-papers/the-leadership-gap-what-you-need-and-still-dont-have-when-it-comes-to-leadership-talent/

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