Emerging Leaders

After reading Jeff Olson’s book The Slight Edge, I’ve decided to begin a new “mentoring” initiative with my team.  In September, I will begin an emerging leaders group.

I’ve asked each of my 4 managers to choose someone for this group.  I reminded them that this is a great opportunity to speak encouragement into the person they selected.

We will begin our time together by reading, studying, and discussing The Slight Edge.  If time allows, we will most likely go through a John Maxwell study (I’m a certified John Maxwell team member).

I’m looking forward to spending more intentional time with this new team.  We will meet regularly until the end of December.  At that time, we’ll evaluate as a team whether we continue into the new year.  I will also be starting up a new team in January.

Why do I do this?  As I have been learning, one of my primary jobs is to influence leaders to become successful while they in turn influence others to become successful. The impact my resource center has can be multiplied as I develop leaders in our business.

I’m looking forward to this new adventure!  I love being a part of an individual’s growth and development.  I am passionate about raising up successful leaders!



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