10 Key Insights to Growing as a Leader by Carrie Rich

This is a great article I read on LinkedIn this morning.  Here are some of the highlights:  

1. Do what your superior wants done (vs. what you think is important). Much learning in a professional space takes the form of imitation. To learn, find the best person possible to workfor. Working closely with an experienced individual who is good at his or her job will help you gain the confidence and perspective to be successful.
3. Practice direct talk. Speaking directly builds trust. For example, address conflict directly and promptly, deliver constructive criticism without invitation, and ask for honest criticism from others.

8. Tell people when you don’t understand. You cannot meet the needs of others if you don’t understand what they want. You might say something like, “Help me understand,” as it helps people feel valued, respected, heard and close to you.

10. Practice servant leadership. As a leader, your fundamental job is to remove the barriers your staff faces doing their jobs. Include colleagues in identifying their priorities and empower them to craft solutions. At the end of the day, people don’t want to make the decision — they just want to be heard, so listen. Additionally, show appreciation. Say “thank you” as much as possible; people want their efforts to be acknowledged. It builds a sense of commitment and loyalty.

Read the rest here:  https://cdn.ampproject.org/c/www.forbes.com/sites/yec/2017/01/10/ten-key-insights-for-growing-as-a-leader/amp/

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