Leadership Lessons on a Fieldtrip by Jim Johnson

Today, my leadership team, my CEO, and I had lunch with Brenda Gerber today.  Brenda is the VP of Development at Lifeline Youth & Family Services in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  This was our 3rd “field-trip” that my my leadership team and I have been on in the past several months.

Brenda has a fascinating background.  She has been a professional fundraiser, has started an organization that helps the mentally ill in our community, and has served our former governor (now Vice President of the United States) and his wife in various roles.  Brenda is a mentor and public speaker.  She is a devoted wife and mother.

Today at lunch, Brenda poured her heart into my leadership team.  She encouraged and challenged them to intentionally grow and develop.  She called on them to get uncomfortable in order to become the leader they were intended to become.

These field-trips are designed to get outside of our office walls to learn how rich our community is and to meet the leaders that make it great.  Brenda is one of those leaders.  I am grateful for her investment in us today.




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