Leadership Perseverance on Monday by Jim Johnson

Tomorrow begins a new work week.  Your team will arrive to start “working” in just a matter of hours.  

  • Will they focus on what you need them to focus on?
  • Will they implement the changes you both agreed upon in your last coaching session with them?
  • Will they be getting results in your leading indicators that will insure success by month’s end metric reporting?

If you are unsure, what can you do to re-focus your team?  

  • Reminder emails to individuals restating your last coaching session with them.
  • Stop by someone’s desk and talk to them about their upcoming work week and the things that they’re planning to accomplish. In fact, ask them what their focus will be for the week.
  • Make a couple of phone calls to team members thank you for what they’ve been accomplishing and what you know they can do in the week to come.
  • Conduct a brief team meeting where everyone gets on the same page about what needs to be accomplished.

Here on this Sunday afternoon, you already maybe in the beginning stages of work mode. You already may be thinking ahead of what needs to be done. But don’t assume your team is doing that. Tomorrow, use your influence to impact your team’s results. Be a positive force of change for them.

Leadership must persevere over the long haul.

It is worth it. 

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