A Culture of Leaders by Jim Johnson

I shared the following with my team…

leadership not a title

Is being a leader determined by a title? Or is it something more?

We have different job position “bands” here (5 in all). Are there only leaders in bands 4 and 5?

Is our CEO a leader only because of that title where a full-time rep isn’t because they are “only” a band 1 or 2?

A Culture of Leaders

It is my opinion that each of us should lead regardless of the position we hold or job grade we have. What is this kind of leadership?

It’s not:

  • Bossing people around
  • Hording information (“I know something you don’t know”)
  • Patronizing others when they seek out your help
  • A title

A culture of leaders is demonstrated by:

  • Competence – master your role and apply all that you learn
  • Credibility – be trustworthy to the member/customer and staff member
  • Reliability – excel in your current role and be consistent
  • Communication – clearly share information verbally and in writing
  • Responsiveness – resolve issues presented to you in a timely manner
  • Accessibility – be approachable
  • Courtesy – be respectful, professional, and personalize your interactions
  • Understanding – act in the best interest of the member. Listen and act.
  • Security – demonstrate confidence that the members’ information is secure


It’s your job and it’s my job to LEAD. Don’t wait for someone else. 




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