Highlights from the Global Leadership Summit Day 1

Here are some of the notes that I took from yesterday’s Global Leadership Summit from the remote location in Fort Wayne, Indiana. #gls17, #fwgls

Bill Hybels, Senior Pastor, Willowcreek

“Incivility and disrespect towards an employee cuts work production by 50%, and the worker takes it out on the customer.”

“Call out the best in your team. They really want this from their leaders.”

“The culture of an organization will only be as healthy as the top leader wants it to be.”


sheryl sandbergSheryl Sandburg, COO, Facebook

“To build joy in your life, at the end of every day write down three things that brought you some level of joy. Whether it was some big things or small things. But write them down at the end of each day.”

“If the leader is serious in developing themselves and becoming better, they need to get real, honest feedback.”

marus lemonisMarcus Lemonis, CEO, Camping World and star of the TV show, The Profit

“What is the purpose of business and life? To create a connection. And to create connections, we must be vulnerable and transparent.”

“Take a chance on yourself.”


fredrikFredrik Haren, Author

“Companies are not doing enough to foster creativity in their employees.”

“Idea = a Person (Knowledge + Information)”


andy stanleyAndy Stanley, Pastor

“When we do something successfully at work, do an autopsy on that success. Understand why we were successful in that venture.”

“What shared assumptions do we have that keeps us stuck?”


“If an organization wants to become uniquely better, then they should do the following things:

1. Be a student and not a critic. Do not criticize something you do not understand.

2. Keep your eyes and your mind wide open. Listen to outsiders. They are not bound by your assumptions. Close minded leaders close minds.

3. Replace HOW with WOW! WOW ideas to life. Don’t HOW them to death. We gain nothing by not knowing what our team is dreaming about.

4. Ask uniquely better questions.

  • Is this unique?
  • What would make it unique? Remember, unique attracts attention.
  • Is it better…really better?

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