Does Your Team Know What Your Team Does? by Jim Johnson

I’ve been working on a little project here at work.  I lead 4 different, unique divisions.  We are all on the same floor.  There is a lot of collaboration between the teams.  But I discovered something.  The team still doesn’t always know what the team (overall) does.

So I addressed it.

With the help of my leadership team, I created a document (12 pages long) that highlights each of my divisions, the work they do, and the up-to-date results they are getting.  In each of their sections, I also shared the company awards they’ve received over the past couple of years (it’s always good to be reminded of this!).  Each team member was listed and all of their photos were included.

Teams can do the work day in and day out.  We all are busy.  My team is full of flawed, human beings – myself included!  We are not perfect.  But we do a lot to move our company forward.  We work hard to serve our customers (members) to our best ability.  We care about each other inside and outside of work.

I created this document to be sure my team understands all that goes on.  I want them to appreciate their own efforts and results.  I want them to appreciate the efforts of those working on the other side of the room.  Together, we are making a positive impact.

I challenge you to do something similar with your team.  This exercise helped me focus on the positive strengths this team has.  I think it will help my team focus on that, too.

winning teams


This afternoon I start a new volunteer experience. I will be involved in the Big Brothers/Big Sisters initiative called Real Men Read. I will spend 45 minutes to an hour with a third-grade class this afternoon reading to them. I’m excited about this opportunity and for meeting the kids today.

On the weekends, I volunteer at my church by playing bass guitar on one of our worship team bands. There is a significant time commitment in that I arrive usually around 7 AM and don’t leave until about 12:15 to 12:30 PM each Sunday. And tonight we have a special rehearsal just go over new songs. But I enjoy the experience a lot and I know it helps out my church for me to volunteer the time that I do week after week.

Where do you invest your volunteer time? Comment below. Thanks!

Seek Clarity

In his new book, High Performance Habits, Brendon Burchard speaks about seeking clarity in Habit 1.  I shared this exercise with my Emerging Leader group yesterday.  I thought you might like to read this as well:

  1.  Describe (write it down) how you’ve perceived yourself in the following situations over the past several months – with your significant other, at work, with the kids or your team, in social situations with strangers.
  2. Now ask, “Is that who I really see myself being in the future?”  How would my future self look, feel, and behave differently in those situations? (note: think about how your future self would want to interact in ways that you would be proud of)
  3. If you could describe yourself in just 3 aspirational words – words that would sum up who you are at your best in the future – what would those words be?  Why are those words meaningful to you?  Once you find your words, put them in your phone as an alarm label that goes off several times per day.

I worked through this exercise myself.  I jotted down several things and finally landed on my 3 aspirational words.  I created a calendar event that displays these 3 words at 5:45 am, 1:00 pm and 9:00 pm every day.

Already, there are many times when I see those words and I am reminded to be my best and do my best to act out on these words.  It works.  What a great reminder.

Try it. In fact, order the book and start working your own high performance habits (link to the book is provided above). Begin working on becoming better.  You will not regret it.

high performance habit quote

Things I’ve Learned About Creating Great Customer Experiences by Jim Johnson

This morning, I will be speaking with the Northeast Indiana Hospitality Association. I have been asked to speak about creating great customer experiences.

At the end of my talk, I’m going to focus on a few things that I have learned about creating great customer experiences. This list, mind you, is not an exhaustive list.

  1. Leaders have to constantly remind and encourage their teams that creating great customer experiences is critically important. In fact, it is vital to our businesses.
  2. Your team can provide excellent service but a customer can be a jerk. But remember, they are still a customer! Provide consistent service at all times and everyone.
  3. You can never relax or let down when it comes to customer service. Your competition doesn’t.
  4. Creating a great customer experience is worth the effort every time. You will be rewarded with:
  • Repeat business
  • Increased sales per ticket/visit
  • Great reviews and recommendations

You and your team know how to create this win-win situation. We all are very familiar with the how to’s. What we need to focus on as leaders is how to DO the how to‘s.

We can all become better.

First Fridays – focus on NE Indiana Regional Partnership


On Friday, November 3, John Sampson (CEO of the NE Indiana Regional Partnership) will be the inaugural speaker at First Fridays hosted by Indiana Wesleyan University. In case you are not familiar with the Partnership, read the following excerpt and visit them at

About the NE Indiana Regional Partnership

Increasing business investment. That’s what we’re all about. We’re here to support your business, build our community, and market our region to the world. How do we do all of that? Together. Collaboration is Northeast Indiana’s secret sauce and the key to building a globally competitive economy in our 11-county region.

Our mission is to build, market, and sell Northeast Indiana to increase business investment.

Our region is made up of Adams, Allen, DeKalb, Huntington, Kosciusko, LaGrange, Noble, Steuben, Wabash, Wells, and Whitley counties.

Click on the link below to RSVP (required for attendance – seating is limited). Plan to be there.

First Fridays November 3

First Fridays

Starting November 3, 2017, my brother Jere and I are starting up a leadership initiative in our hometown in Northeast Indiana. We call this event First Fridays. It’s an event where leaders will be able to come and grow and network. It’s also a place for leaders to learn all the great things that are happening in our part of the state.

We will hear from local leaders on initiatives their organizations are conducting. We will learn about conflict management, leadership development, economic development, and a host of other subjects.

This will be a free event hosted at The Indiana Weslyan University Fort Wayne campus. We are looking forward to the networking opportunities and the learning that will take place over the next 7 to 8 months.

For our inaugural meeting, John Sampson will be our featured speaker. Come learn about the exciting initiatives that the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership has in store. Leadership matters in these efforts. You and your company can play a role in the growth of Northeast Indiana.

If you live in NE Indiana and would like to attend, RSVP by clicking on the following link to reserve your spot. Limited seating.