Effective Corporate Culture – Mastercard

Some members of my team and I had the privilege of spending the day at the MasterCard campus in St. Louis yesterday. We were there to learn other ways MasterCard could help our company grow and make it a positive impact for our card holders at our credit union.

Our rep, Matt Harris, put together a great panel of the leaders that we could interact with throughout the day. Matt also gave us a quick tour of the Mastercard facility which was beyond impressive. From the facility being a platinum LEED facility to innovation to health and wellness to just having a very impressive facility, Mastercard is seems to have it all.

But beyond the facility, it was the people that impressed me. We were taking to an ops center that monitors credit and debit transactions all over the world. It was sobering to see such great professionals watching over transactions that were happening everywhere and making sure that all of us card holders were having great experiences as we purchase gasoline, burgers, groceries, etc. no matter where we were on the globe.

The advisers, such as Jeff Nolan, that we met with in our meetings were personable, professional, and genuinely cared about our business and looked for ways to help us improve.

My hat is off to Matt Harris and the team at Mastercard. You’re not only a great host, but you are a great example of what a professional means today.

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