Hosting an Exchange Student

My family and I are honored to host a wonderful Romanian student.  She arrives tomorrow afternoon.  In fact, she is en route to the US as I write this:

north atlantic flight

We are excited to learn more about Romania as we share our lives with our new “daughter” for the next 9 months.  I know it will be a great learning experience for her as she immerses herself into life in the US.

The next 9 months will be filled with culture, language, learning, stretching, and loving.  I’ll share more about our adventure as this moves a long.  We are honored to play a part in our student’s educational journey.  She eventually will become an ENT surgeon in her country.  We pray that our time spent with her will help her realize this wonderful dream.

For more information on how you can host an exchange student, please visit PAX Academic Exchange.


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