On a Personal Note – A Dream Fulfilled

Today at 6 pm, a dream will be fulfilled. About 3 years ago my the 10 year old son told me he wanted to learn to play the drums. He said one of his goals was to play with me on our church’s Worship Band.

Tonight and tomorrow that dream will come to pass. He will be on drums and I will be the bass player.

I am so proud of my son for sticking to his dream. He has worked hard. He is learning so much. His love for music us growing. He’s developing an eclectic taste in music – from the Cars, Queen, Rush to Tony Succar to Tim Akers and the Smoking Section.

I can’t wait for this weekend’s music experience. I hope for many more years of this follows.

Thank you for reading a more personal note. It’s a proud papa moment.

Here a link to one of his songs: https://youtu.be/RWeOjztUtGw

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