Thought for Today – Creating Purposeful Workplaces

This morning, I was reviewing a book I recently read, Born to Build, and I want to share some of the comments that I reread this morning. This is something I’m going to be mulling over and acting upon.

  • Create a workplace that has a shared sense of purpose that
  • Connect employees on an emotional level.

It is so easy for our teams to get in a rut. Just showing up every day and falling into a routine. Not that routines are bad, but routines can blind us to our true purpose.

So how do we help our teams connect with that shared sense of purpose? Whose responsibility is it to make this happen?

Ideally it would be every employee’s responsibility to keep the purpose of the organization firmly in the front of their mind. But we all know that it takes leadership from the top to continually promote purpose and to help others focus on that purpose.

And one of the best ways to do this as a leader is to emotionally connect with your staff. That means spending intentional time needed to know them and their lives outside of work. That means helping them connect their work to the greater purpose. That also means to praise them when they have lived out that purpose so that they don’t miss when they actually do it.

How are you doing this at your organization? Share in the comments.

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