What Beats Criticism?

I’m reading Soundtracks by Jon Acuff. What I read early this morning was this:


When faced with another “annoying” question from someone, be curious. Ask them questions:

  • How can I communicate this to them more effectively?
  • What am I missing?
  • What resources are they missing?

When you see work being done that is not up to standard, be curious.

  • What does your team member think of the quality of their work?
  • How clearly did you communicate your expectations on this particular project?

It seems that far too often we default to criticism. This leads to discouragement and frustration in your team members. And when that happens, the team will not perform with excellence.

Try being curious. Ask more questions.

Trust in you, the leader, will go up. When trust increases, work tends to get done more efficiently and effectively. Job satisfaction rises, too.

Curiosity beats criticism. Try it!

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