5 Reasons Good People Become Bad Bosses (from Lighthouse)

Why are there so many bad bosses? 

Gallup research reveals that over 50% of Americans have quit a job to get away from their manager.  Meanwhile, overall employee engagement has been stuck for years around a meager 30%:

bad bosses likely contribute to the low employee engagement scores by gallup

Further, their research shows that managers, “account for at least 70% of the variance in employee engagement.”

This is a painful indictment of bosses everywhere.

Is there an evil gene creating bad bosses?

Of course not. But it begs the question:How is it that so many managers become bad bosses?

There are a number of factors that hurt even managers with the best intentions as they try to lead their teams. Today we’re looking at those factors that contribute to good people becoming bad bosses any what can be done about them.

Why Good People Become Bad Bosses

Read the rest here: https://getlighthouse.com/blog/bad-bosses-good-people-become/

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