Global Leadership Summit Deadline!


Tuesday, June 27 is the last day to get the “early bird” discount (only $199) to attend this year’s Global Leadership Summit (#GLS).

Why attend GLS?

  • You will hear from world-class leaders on a wide variety of topics in just 2 days!
  • GLS is a great team-building/learning opportunity.
  • There are remote locations across the globe that allows you to be a part of this Summit without having the cost of flights, hotels, etc.

Follow the link below to register today!  Use this referral code to let them know  you heard about GLS from Go, Leader, Grow!

Referral Code:  17FrndER-3659

Website to register:  GLS17


W.A.I.T Why Am I Talking? – A Better Meeting Guide by Alan O’Rourke

We have all been at those meetings. The ones where people talk for the hell of it and without thinking. Before you know it the meeting is over and nothing is decided, much less discussed.

Less is definitely more when it comes to meetings. The smart people know what to say, when to say it and keep it concise.

Inspired by a note I spotted in the occupied office I have designed a handy flow chart for your meeting room that might keep things on track.

Find out more about Alan, see his flow chart on this topic, and reading more great content by following this link:



why am I talking

Coaching – what happens to YOU when your team gets better through your coaching by Jim Johnson

If you lead a team, you are coaching (or, at least, I trust that you are).  I just gave a presentation this morning on why coaching is so important for our team members.  I also shared the following on what happens to the COACH when he/she becomes a better:

  1. Your reputation improves in your company.
  2. Your influence expands on your team and in your company.
  3. Your voice/opinion is respected on your team and with your colleagues.
  4. Your future will reveal more opportunities for you.

There is no down side to working hard at becoming a better coach.  Yes, your team members will become better, but YOU have benefits when you commit yourself to becoming a better coach.

Remember:  “You influence from a distance.  You impact up close.”  Dwight Robertson

Commit to impact.  You will create a better world around you.

when leaders become beter

Conference Re-Cap

I have invested a couple of wonderful days here in Denver at the NACCAP  annual conference on the campus of Colorado Christian University.  I have met admission leaders from all over North America.  I’ve listened to their stories.  I’ve helped brainstorm on obstacles they face.  I’ve learned so much about their work, their passion, and their dedication to helping students earn a college/university education.

I spoke at 2 seminars yesterday.  My topics were:  “Adding Value” and “Understanding Your Influence through Self-Development”.  My sessions were full, and the participants shared great feedback with me immediately afterwards and then at mealtimes (I intentionally sat with different groups of leaders at each meal).

I am humbled by the written feedback I received.  Here’s just a sampling:

“very inspiring and passionate speaker who really cares about developing leaders…” Kelly M.

“he is an excellent, amazing, and engaging speaker.”  Angie N.

“incredible, authentic, inspiring, applicable…thank you!”  Rachel G.

“this was an unexpected topic at the conference…I’m glad I attended…great, helpful, and out-of-the-box information!”  Anonymous

“So practical!”  Tim S.

These leaders were hungry to learn and to grow.  They are making significant impacts on the lives of future leaders.  I am grateful to have been a small part of this conference and to have met such quality people.

NACCAP presenter                                                       Become better square

The Good Word of the Day

I just received and will start reading soon the book, Dance Until It Rains (multiple authors; Prologue by Vic Johnson).  Bob Proctor wrote the Forword where he shares the influence of Earl Nightingale in his life.  Nightingale once said:  “whether you have a little or a lot of formal education…

If you love to read

dance until it rains

Click here to order the book:



Global Leadership Summit Discount Ends Soon!

Best rates end tomorrow, May 23.  Use code:  17FrndER-3659 at the following site to find a GLS site and reserve your spot for this year’s event!


Global Leadership Summit


In August, leaders from all over the world will gather to experience the Global Leadership Summit.  If you have never experienced GLS, then make 2017 the year you do!

This year’s GLS will be on August 10 & 11.  You will hear dynamic speakers who will challenge you and their ideas can change you!

Now is the time to get in on early bird registration.  In fact, use this code to let the folks at GLS that you learned about it here:  17FrndER-3659

I took my leadership team to GLS last year here in Fort Wayne, Indiana – the largest remote site in the world. Nearly 3,500 people attended just in our city alone.  It was a great 2 days of learning and growing together.  We still talk about it!

This year, the event has been moved to our largest venue where I’m guessing we’ll see close to 5,000 participants.

Where can you experience GLS?  In the US, follow this link:

To register for GLS, follow this link:

World-class speakers, content that is relevant, and resources to serve you throughout the year – this is the Global Leadership Summit.

If you know someone who would be interested in this, please share this post with them.

I hope to “see” you at the GLS in August!  Don’t forget to use the code above when registering!

Here is list of some of the faculty:

GLS faculty 1

GLS faculty 2