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Asking Great Questions

Have you found yourself in a situation where you needed to get below the conversational surface with a team member but you end up floundering? How about a difficult conversation with your boss? Or a talk you’ve been dreading with a challenging team member?

I highly recommend John Maxwell’s book Good Leaders Ask Great Questions.

I have found this to be more of an ongoing resource than simply another book. I review it often. I use it often. It has helped me in many difficult conversations. It frames a positive environment for me and the other person to have a fruitful discussion. This resource helps move us forward.

John Maxwell is a master at giving us the right words to say at the right time. If you often feel stuck in coaching sessions, this book will free you. It will help you add value to the other person and create a more professional, positive working environment.

3 Key Questions

I just heard a very interesting message this morning. The speaker shared 3 key questions that can really make an impact whether you are a CEO, a middle manager, or a front line worker.

1. What is the problem?

2. Who are the people?

3. What can I give?

I love these questions because whether you are in sales or you have a more back office/administrative/operational job, these 3 key questions can really help clarify your focus so that you can make a positive impact on your coworkers and/or your customers.

Every day we have the opportunity to solve problems and help make life better for others. Every day we need to identify who those people are whose problems we can solve. And finally we need to ask ourselves what we are capable of doing to help solve the problems for those people.

My challenge for myself in 2021 will be to keep these 3 questions at the front of my mind and to act on them.

Do you want to take up the challenge as well?