The Path to Promotion by Jim Johnson

These have been interesting days.  A lot of us have run to frig too often, gotten reacquainted with our families, freaked out our pets for being home so much, missed talking with our neighbors, etc.

I’ve done all of that.

And I also finally finished a book project that I’ve been working on for a while.  Introducing:  The Path to Promotion!

Book Cover from AmazonI wrote this book initially for my staff who would often ask “How do I get to my next level/promotion?  What do I need to do?”

In early 1998, I was was basically unemployed full-time only working a few part-time jobs here and there to make ends meet.  I did land a job with my current employer.  Once there. I worked the process I spell out in my book.  I went from unemployed to Vice President in 5 years.


Now, I’m not giving you a magic formula.  But I am giving you a tried and tested process – one that I’ve seen played out in other’s lives, too.

I would appreciate it if you would order my book.  If you know someone who feels stuck in their current role or who wants to make a bigger “splash” at work, share this post with them.  There is work involved.  But as I say often, “it works when you work it.”

Don’t wait for someone else to make something happen for you and your career.  Get on your Path to Promotion today!  You can do this!

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Thank you for ordering!

If I were the CEO…by Jim Johnson


So you’ve been in your leadership role for a while now. You think you’re ready for the next step. You even dream about your next promotion. You find yourself sometimes thinking, “Why did that decision get made? I would do things differently.”

Here’s a challenge – put yourself in the TOP role at your company. What would YOU do if you were the CEO? Yeah, dream a little! Actually, take out a piece of paper and start jotting down notes what you would do if you were in charge. Take 5 minutes right now and bullet point some thoughts down.

(I’ll wait….)

Let me ask some questions now that you’ve made some initial “decisions”:

* How would your dream decisions move your company forward?
* How does what you wrote down positively impact the bottom line?
* How much of what you wrote was a personal commentary on your boss or your boss’s boss?
* How does what you wrote align with your company’s mission?
* How would you convince other leaders to follow you and your vision?
* How would you communicate your vision to the Board of Directors and/or shareholders?

I’ve heard the lunch conversations. I’ve been involved in a few myself over the years. A lot of employees SAY they know what THEY would do if they were in charge. But when truly faced with that responsibility, it becomes far more daunting, doesn’t it? Why?

– We typically see life and work through our own experiences. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just that we haven’t had the experiences, training, or exposure necessary. What we learn and apply at work is critical to demonstrate that we are ready for the next step.

– We see other people work and think it’s easy. The good ones make it look easy (i.e. Michael Jordan). But when faced with new responsibilities, that work becomes a bit more scary. It takes hard work to be an effective CEO. It takes a lot of hard work to get to that point in your career.

– CEO’s have to work well with others. They are surrounded by leaders of leaders. Many senior manager meetings are ego-fests. Those can be treacherous waters to navigate. Effective CEO’s have to know when to step in, when to keep quiet, when to allow a decision to be discovered by another, and when to say, “this is the direction we’re going.”

But I still think this little exercise is worth the time. It will show you how much you truly understand about your company, how it makes money, how it spends money, and how your customer-base likes doing business with you. You may expose some of your own weaknesses – and that’s very valuable!

And hopefully along the way, you’ll gain a better appreciation of your CEO and what she/he faces on a daily basis. Determine you will be a team member who will make their job just a bit easier.

Own your results. Own your attitude. Own your commitment. Start by being the CEO of YOU.