Make Things Happen

I’ve worked with managers most of my adult life. I’ve seen some develop, grow, and get promoted. I know of others who remain in their current positions for a long time – and they gripe and whine about it. What’s been the difference between the mover and the occupier managers?

The Mover

Movers live actively (Peter Baron Stark). They look for ways to grow and develop on their own. They read. If there is an opportunity to volunteer at work (i.e. project, initiative team), they step up and lead. I saw this yesterday with a new manager I’m mentoring. A group of sales managers are beginning a new course (Caskey) and the group was broken into 3 small groups for accountability and discussion. This new manager took the lead and was selected in her group as the “accountability captain”. I was very proud! She’s a mover.

Movers lead by producing results. They know what is expected of them and they work hard to not only reach their goals but exceed them. They motivate and lead others to do the same. They like to win and lead others to win.

The Occupier

Occupiers are comfortable. They like the idea of being a boss. They like titles. They don’t mind meetings as long as it doesn’t push them too much.

Occupiers point to the calendar when they want promoted. “I’ve been doing this job for _____ years. I deserve to be moved up,” I’ve heard one person say. They don’t always like developing their team for fear that team member will leave them and then they’ll get “stuck” with a newbie.

Occupiers stay just under the radar when it comes to results. Their performance isn’t always consistent, but they manage to produce enough results to stay out of trouble. They also typically don’t rely on their team to produce results. Many times, they are the primary performer and the team is merely window dressing.

Occupiers might win. They might talk down about the movers as if putting them down will elevate themselves. Winning, too often, turns into whining.

Who are you? If a poll were to be taken at your office today, what kind of manager would you be labeled?

If you’re not where you want to be, guess what? You can create your own future, your own destiny.

Go, Leader, Grow!