The Power & Impact of Gratitude by Dr. Kathy Cramer


Here’s another great article by Dr. Cramer (“Change the Way You See Everything”).  How often do we forgot to do the following?


Did you know that gratitude may be the key to happiness? Numerous studies have shown strong links between gratitude and increased positive emotions. For me, gratitude is the most rewarding of all the positive emotions because it acknowledges a major victory with humility. That makes it a key to leadership effectiveness as well. This article is about finding ways to exercise your gratitude muscles and develop your capacity for seeing and appreciating what is working, what I have termed Asset-Based Thinking (ABT).


At any given moment, there are positive and negative forces at work. As humans, we are genetically primed to see and emphasize the negative while giving the positive short-shrift. This negativity bias made sense when we lived in a world where survival depended on our ability to spot and act on danger quickly. However, nowadays most of the negativity we see—like a lost contract or a missed deadline—is not dire enough to warrant a true fight-or-flight response.

The good thing is that we can learn to overcome our negativity biases by intentionally focusing on the good in the moment, the assets. For over 20 years I have coached leaders to spend 5 times more effort on finding the good in themselves, others, and the situations they are in, than on the negative. The positive impact of this simple yet powerful mindset management technique has shown measurable results in myriad ways. –

Read the rest of Dr. Cramer’s article at:

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