Coaching – what happens to YOU when your team gets better through your coaching by Jim Johnson

If you lead a team, you are coaching (or, at least, I trust that you are).  I just gave a presentation this morning on why coaching is so important for our team members.  I also shared the following on what happens to the COACH when he/she becomes a better:

  1. Your reputation improves in your company.
  2. Your influence expands on your team and in your company.
  3. Your voice/opinion is respected on your team and with your colleagues.
  4. Your future will reveal more opportunities for you.

There is no down side to working hard at becoming a better coach.  Yes, your team members will become better, but YOU have benefits when you commit yourself to becoming a better coach.

Remember:  “You influence from a distance.  You impact up close.”  Dwight Robertson

Commit to impact.  You will create a better world around you.

when leaders become beter

The Good Word of the Day

I just received and will start reading soon the book, Dance Until It Rains (multiple authors; Prologue by Vic Johnson).  Bob Proctor wrote the Forword where he shares the influence of Earl Nightingale in his life.  Nightingale once said:  “whether you have a little or a lot of formal education…

If you love to read

dance until it rains

Click here to order the book:



Global Leadership Summit


In August, leaders from all over the world will gather to experience the Global Leadership Summit.  If you have never experienced GLS, then make 2017 the year you do!

This year’s GLS will be on August 10 & 11.  You will hear dynamic speakers who will challenge you and their ideas can change you!

Now is the time to get in on early bird registration.  In fact, use this code to let the folks at GLS that you learned about it here:  17FrndER-3659

I took my leadership team to GLS last year here in Fort Wayne, Indiana – the largest remote site in the world. Nearly 3,500 people attended just in our city alone.  It was a great 2 days of learning and growing together.  We still talk about it!

This year, the event has been moved to our largest venue where I’m guessing we’ll see close to 5,000 participants.

Where can you experience GLS?  In the US, follow this link:

To register for GLS, follow this link:

World-class speakers, content that is relevant, and resources to serve you throughout the year – this is the Global Leadership Summit.

If you know someone who would be interested in this, please share this post with them.

I hope to “see” you at the GLS in August!  Don’t forget to use the code above when registering!

Here is list of some of the faculty:

GLS faculty 1

GLS faculty 2

Leadership Event on May 19

Are you looking to raise the “lid” on your leadership skills and gifts? Maybe you are looking for an event to take a team of leaders to. Or you would like to host a remote site at your offices.

Follow the link above to get more information on Lead USA’s leadership event. Great speakers are lined up. The event last just a half of a day which makes this investment affordable and doable. 

Here’s a partial list of the speakers:

Transformation from the Inside Out by Jim Johnson

We’ve all seen images like this before. The monarch butterfly caterpillar changing into a chrysalis. I watched a video on this just now. I had forgotten that the caterpillar split and the chrysalis came from the inside. And eventually the monarch butterfly will emerge from the inside.

What a great illustration of transformation! 

I see a lot of new leaders trying to do certain things to demonstrate their leadership. But much of what I’ve seen, and I’m sure you’ve seen, are the changes that somebody makes only on the outside. Things that people readily see.

Transformation begins on the inside.

  • Character 
  • Integrity
  • Trust
  • Honesty
  • Caring 

If you are reading this and you are a leader, I hope you desire to grow. But it’s not merely doing the acts of leadership that makes you a great leader. It is the transformation from within that provides the motivation, “steam”, the energy to propel your leadership to greater influence.

Leaders are Learners

I just finished another session in Leaders in Development with the student council at my son’s Elementary School. Today we talked about the fact that leaders are learners. These kids continue to listen well and participate in great ways. They encourage me by the kind of leaders they are already.

Emotionally Strong People

I recently picked up John C. Maxwell’s new book, No Limits. I’ve been reading it for the past couple of days. Here’s an excerpt from his chapter entitled “Emotional Capacity.”

“Emotional capacity is the ability to handle adversity, failure, criticism, change, and pressure in a positive way…However, emotionally strong people are able to manage their emotions and process through difficulties. That allows them to increase their capacity and moves them closer to reaching their full potential.”

“Emotionally strong people do not expect immediate results. As they approach life, they know they are in it for the long haul. As they face struggles, they do so with energy and fortitude. They understand that genuine success takes time. They try new things and fail. They run into obstacles but persevere. They keep going, keep working. They focus on the right decisions they need to make, and make them quickly. They realize that they may change their direction overnight, but they won’t arrive at their destination overnight. They keep their eye on the big picture, and they don’t quit.”

“Controlling what you can and not wasting energy on what you can’t is one of the most important lessons we can learn in life.”

“One mark of resilience is learning to tell which pain deserves our attention paying attention to every pain, all the time, doesn’t lead to resilience. It usually leads to whining.”