Right Now?

I had a team member from a different department reach out to me recently asking to meet. He wants to talk about how he can get into my department.  I have a relatively small department with no immediate openings.  But that’s not what I’ll focus our conversation on later this month.

Instead of addressing “is the time right now?”, I’ll be asking “are you the right person doing the right things”.

I’ve seen this play out too many times in my career.  People want to create an opportunity when I wish they would work on character (being the right person) and results (doing the right things).

If a person wants to be considered for a promotion, move to a different department, find a job, be considered for that next big project – they need to be focusing on what they can control TODAY to be prepared for tomorrow.  None of us can control timing.  But we can control our character and our results.

If a person is lacking in character and not achieving the necessary results, timing won’t matter.  It’s too late if you’re the type of person no one wants to work with and you’re known for not performing up to the company’s standard.

So what can a person do to be prepared?

Demonstrate integrity in your interactions.  Encourage others.  Be helpful.  Collaborate.  Innovate.  Be the right person.

Know your goals and not only achieve them, but exceed them.  Help your team members.  Find new avenues for revenues.  Do the right things.

THEN…at the right time (which you do not get to control), you’ll be ready.  Will all of this guarantee a promotion?  NO.  But I can guarantee you’ll not get far if you ignore being the right person who is doing the right things.

Right now starts today to create the tomorrow you wish to have.


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