2018 Goals by Jim Johnson

2018 goals

Are you thinking of any 2018 goals yet?  I’m not referring to resolutions – we all know where most of those end up.  No, I’m talking about goals.

Jeff Olson in The Slight Edge says that all of us really know what we need to do to succeed in life.  The knowing is rarely the problem.  It’s the doing.  It’s the follow-through.  We know how to do the things that are important to us.  We just aren’t great at how to do the how-to’s.  In fact, Olson says, only about 5% of us follow-through on goals.  5%!

My challenge to myself (and to you) is to be a part of that 5% in 2018.  I’m writing down my goals now.  I will take the necessary steps each day to accomplish my goals.

Olson writes about how many people stopped reading once they graduated from high readingschool and/or college.  But he offers a simple plan to read a 300 page book a month.

Just read 10 pages a day.  That’s it.  In 30 days, you can read a 300 page book by doing this.  If you’re like most folks, reading 10 pages will take you about 15-20 minutes each day.  I know you have that time.  In 2017, I set a goal to read 12 books.  I did it following this plan.  I’m planning to do the same again in 2018.

So what are you goals?  I encourage you to write them out.  Refer to them often.  Set smaller goals that will move you closer to accomplishing your bigger goals.

Achieving goals is easy to do.  It’s also easy not to do.  Be intentional in 2018. Become better.  You can.

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